Beautiful Dream

it’s that time of year, wistful glances out the window, dashes to the car, wrapped up to within an inch of your life! Yup the longest bit of winter!

But we should make good use of it, how?

Howabout, looking at your garden photos for the last few years, what would you like to change? Start planning it as a project…. price up now while you have time, order have it all ready to go. You know we always have that warm week in February that lets you get started.

Howabout, a seed sort, organise a swap shop.

Howabout, that  tool Service. Sharpen, clean & oil.

You could just do research.

But know one thing once the time comes, your going to be busy, so enjoy the chill and relax!

PR 🐸🌸🌸🐝🕷




Difficult to not put everyone into the same bracket, but as Mahatma Ghandi said….

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

So…. one must have faith, or we are lost.

About Sums it up

Gardener’s Lament

I sit behind a glass
a window pane
looking out at
my barren garden
longing for sun and warmth
longing to dig in the earth
longing for green shoots
pushing always upwards
longing for blossoms
longing even to do battle
with varmints and bugs
longing for the robust
harvest that follows
a gardeners toil

This was on Rhymeswithbug’s Blog, please have look at Candy’s page, here’s the link.

About Sums it up for me at this time of year.

Sitting willing myself to venture out into the depth of dullness. No sun here, cold is horrible when the sun doesn’t shine, a couple of hours of winter sun would make all the difference.

But no.

So I sit and daydream, get the boxes of seeds out again, plan what I want to do, again….frustrating living up here in Auld Reekie.

There is a wee light at the end of the tunnel, there is usually a week in February that is bestowed with glorious sunshine. I have seen me down to a t-shirt.

Finger crossed

But in the meantime, a wee ray of sunshine, Trollius yunnanensis, a bright fella from my garden last year, how I long to be reacquainted.





Oh! Snow where are you? Its incredibly frustrating to have this driech, dark skies and cold to the bone weather. A good dump of snow would bring so much pleasure! Ok! You frumps out there, I can here you are saying ‘she’s mad’, but to be honest, the last time we had snow that landed and wasn’t mush 2 minutes later, was I think 2010, when this header picture was taken. Well, all I can remember was being outside every single day, sledging down Sandy’s Hill, snowball fights, snowmen and igloo making, of course it helped that the kids couldn’t go to school, oh! What a shame, no it’s not! The memories made over that winter will be in their memory banks for life, and mine, family bonding, so precious in this day of computer games and consoles. I can remember (see I’m doing it now!) Seeing families out on the hill, families getting together, we live on the park so my house was hot chocolate haven. Oh! Bring me some snow.

The other upside of this wish, is the return of community spirit, just a few short weeks, but nevertheless, it was there. Five of us digging the District Nurse out, pushing her car up the road, going into the primary school, with 2 of my kids who were at the High School, and the one who was the pupil with us as a family with other families, getting stuck in to clear the paths,  the main reason for the school being closed. We did it, all very jolly, hot chocolates abound by the Janny, didn’t do any good no sooner had we left, another storm came….Yep! Covered it up. But hey we tried. Neighbours helping each other with their cars, when it was only a slight possibility of getting out of a street that was imprisoned by two small hills. People sharing stories and equipment, still have a shovel a chap left me to use to help someone when he had to go, he never came back for it. Maybe I’ll see him when some snow appears!

Now, gardening, well it is a gardening blog, snow would be wonderful, what you don’t realise is my main worry is that this constant level of water falling, not drying, as the sun has clearly forgotten where we are, means my poor herbaceous plants are sitting in a soggy mess! Nutrients being leached from my soil all day, not good. A good dump of snow would solve the problem, it creates a lovely blanket which, on the whole, insulates the blighters roots and crowns, with the ground freezing nothing is leached, but the soil and the plants are protected, then when our wet spring appears like last year it’s not so bad, but this and wet spring OMG! Devastation abounds. My poor plants.